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Individual or group tutoring in mathematics, since primary school, going through high school and into higher education.

 Intensive program to prepare for the National Math Exam.

The primary objective is to make students like mathematics, while, through various learning experiences, they become more mathematically competent. In this sense, students will be offered a variety of activities aimed at stimulating students' ability to solve problems, to intuit, to reason, to experiment, to conjecture, to try and to communicate. Mathematical games, puzzles and other logical challenges will have the leading role.

In these workshops programs/applications with great relevance for learning/teaching mathematics (e.g. Mathematica; GeoGebra; ...) will be explored.

Graphing calculators will also be targeted to be explored. Students, parents and teachers are welcomed to take part in these workshops.

STEM academy offers various courses of training for mathematics teachers.

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