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In RoboLab our students learn to build and program educational robots. In our robotics workshops we use Lego® Mindstorms NXT and EV3 kits, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, according to the skill levels of our students.

Here our students start by learning the basics of computer programming using Scratch (a learning programming platform developed by MIT Media Lab).

In the next level they learn how to create Apps for mobile devices and exploit the most used programming languages today (PHP, Python, C++, Visual Basic).

The program adopted in our courses is structured by levels of difficulty according to our students’ ages, from the beginner level (5-6 years old) to a more advanced level of computer programming.

In these workshops applications with great pedagogical interest available for computers, tablets and other mobile devices are explored.

The applications with educational content allow students, parents, teachers and educators to be involved in the teaching/learning process, in a dynamic and innovative way.


STEM academy offers various continuing education courses and several workshops in the area of new technologies for teachers.

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