CTEM Academy is a specialized educational centre focused on the STEM areas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Given the growing importance of science and technology in our society and the increasing demand for professionals in these areas, CTEM Academy provides its students with learning experiences directed to the development of specific skills in STEM areas, which enhance their academic success in the present and their professional success in the future.

We are not just a tutoring centre, we go further. Our students have access to well-equipped science laboratories and a wide variety of educational games and mathematical puzzles that stimulate thinking and help them learn more and in a better way.

In our technology workshops, our students explore educational software and learn to build and program robots.

All of those who come to us have the opportunity to attend lectures on the most current topics of science and technology and thus enrich their knowledge and scientific culture.

We have a team of highly motivated and experienced teachers with proven success in science teaching. Our educational consultants have achieved recognition for their work at national and international level.

Here at CTEM Academy we want to inspire today the leaders of tomorrow!

Team CTEM Academy