Educate to innovate, following the STEM strategy

The world is changing fast, driven by knowledge, innovation and creativity.. The number of employment opportunities is greater for those with a higher level of education.

The educational success of today’s young people depends, greatly, on a solid foundation of knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). These are the areas in which students acquire better preparation to solve complex problems and to compete in a global scenario.

A few years ago the countries that lead the world’s economy have created educational programs in STEM areas. Today, their young are better prepared to lead the world of Science and Technology. 

It is urgent to give Portuguese students opportunities to deepen knowledge in the STEM subjects so that they can compete in the same league. A strong emphasis in these subjects is synonymous of better preparation for their school careers, making meaningful learning and improving educational outcomes.

Developing today, in our young, STEM skills is to build the generation of leaders of tomorrow!

STEM Academy